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           Dear Mr. President!

          I am the Kurd from Armenia, the Kurdish writer, and the journalist, chairman of board of Advice of Kurdish intelligentsia in Armenia. I am 71 and my life experience allows me to address to you with the open letter. The reason that has induced me to undertake this letter became the Baker-Hamilton report in which the rights of Kurds of Southern Kurdistan are ignored.

          I am assured, that you know very well to what persecutions and oppressions the Kurdish people were exposed for all its century-old history. I shall not begin to write about it. All that evil and persecutions which were brought down on our people by oppressors, was seen with all world but to a great regret, all world community continued to remain deaf and mute. This silence and inactivity last long — till 1990. Before it, in 1988 it has been destroyed 200 thousand Kurds during the Anfal operation in the south of Kurdistan. Exactly after that in 1990 under the initiative of the USA and the Great Britain the resolution of the United Nations was adopted, according to which half the territory of Southern Kurdistan has been accepted to be declared a zone of interdiction for flights of aircraft of Saddam Hussein. Owing to protection of the USA and the Great Britain the part of our people has sighed freely and has managed to start creation of a peace life. Within last 16 years this part of the south of Kurdistan, which USA and the Great Britain have taken under the protection, it became an isle of democracy, freedom and independence in Near and Middle East. It became possible owing to a position of your country, and it knows and appreciates each Kurd-patriot.

          We, the Kurds, living outside the native land, were happy and proud when you have accepted the President of Southern Kurdistan, dear Mr. Massoud Barzani in the White House and you have stated a worthy estimation to its affairs and as a whole to Kurds of Southern Kurdistan. It has given a hope to our hearts, that the USA will never turn away from the south of Kurdistan any more.

          It seems to me that you trust that on Near and Middle East you do not have more devoted friends than Kurds. Fidelity is the integral feature of Kurdish character, and they never can be named ungrateful because they remember and appreciate the rendered good.

          Having read through the Baker-Hamilton report I had doubts whether its authors can really distinguish friends and enemies of America from each other truly? In their report all those achievements and successes to which Southern Kurdistan has reached, are ignored and it is not specified any true way for the decision of a problem of Kirkuk. All the world knows, that in Southern Kurdistan are created and successfully function the parliament, bodies of board, justice and judicial system. In Southern Kurdistan various political parties operate freely and without all barriers. Does it have no value for them really? Is there anything similar in the countries next to Iraq and in Iraq (its Arabian part)?

          I have been twice in Southern Kurdistan and I saw with my own eyes, how much our people are free, testing no fear and horror of oppressions there yet. I saw how the press, radio and TV not only of the political parties but also of the different nationalities, occupying this region as well, are free.

             Dear Mr. George W. Bush!

          I trust in your political wisdom and foresight and I hope, that you do not admit realization of the Baker-Hamilton plan (in particular concerning Kurds), which again can put Kurdish people before threat of physical destruction.

          I am assured that you do not admit it, other wise the prestige of the USA can suffer in the opinion of the world community. You must not admit, that your and our enemies have triumphed, and friends have lost courage. All our looks are turned only on there — to Southern Kurdistan and the events concerning it should excite us.

        Till 1990 Kurds often said: «Our friends are only our mountains». This statement is familiar to both of your generals and the high-ranking officials as well. And they assured during the numerous meetings with the people of Southern Kurdistan: «Your friends are not only mountains, but we are your friends too».

          Also has now come to prove time it in practice.


Yours faithfully,

Mr. Amarik SARDAR,

The Kurdish writer,

The deserved journalist of Armenia,

Chairman of board of Advice of Kurdish Intelligentsia of Armenia.


Yerevan, Armenia

29th of December 2006 

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